Space Punks - Sci-fi Action RPG

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Rip Space A New One

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So, what is this game?

It’s a wild Hell ride that’ll have you plundering untold riches for galactic stardom.

Space Punks is a living, evolving, online co-op action RPG space romp that will see you shootin’ and lootin’ your way across the galaxy. Blaze a trail alone or team up with three fellow intergalactic thieves to form a formidable fortune-hunting foursome. Lay siege to hordes of alien scumbags, harvest their loot and tool up to take on bigger - and more lucrative - bosses.



With guns. And swords. And grenades. And gadgets that make stuff go BOOM.

There’s a lot of ass to be kicked across the galaxy, and luckily you’ve got the tools and attitude to do the kicking.

Finn with axe



Space is a noisy place, so if you’re gonna make yourself heard, you’ve gotta be the loudest. Blast more, earn more, loot more – big guns and big cash energy means even bigger galactic power for your rebel crew as you plunder planet after planet.

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More scoundrels in your squad means more guns and more stuff getting smoked. And the bigger the explosions, the greater the fame and fortune. With trigger-happy misfits covering your back, you’re going places, kid.

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